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The purpose of this site – through the family tree section dedicated to the Bonolis – is above all that of providing a research and study tool on the genealogy, the origins and more of the people and ancestors who are or were named Bonolis.

The Guest Book


Considering how rare it is to meet different genealogies, strains and families bearing this name, one is led to think that actually all the Bonolis in the world have more or less close blood relations to one another. This is why this is the site of all the Bonolis: thanks to your efforts we will see one single, large family tree grow. We will learn stories great and small, migrations, we will discovery family ties, get in touch with unexpected relations. Now it is up to you: report news and useful sources to us, tell us who your grandparents and grand-grandparents were: the farther back you can get in your family tree, the more meaningful your contribution will be. Send in photos from your old albums, tell us about a forebear of yours, or of a relative of yours that somehow “distinguished” him/herself.


Photo Albums

Travel Stories

Drops of Wisdom

Poetry Corner


The other sections of the Home Page are available to all those who wish to make use of them: the Photo Albums section is open to anybody who may wish to share their own and their relatives’ pictures: these will be selected an posted according to their quality and contents.
Last but not least, the sections dedicated to your poems and stories are intended to add a richening cultural touch, as well as the “Drops of Wisdom” section, that is intended to offer a moment of thought.

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